In our search for the right materials to make sustainable photo backgrounds from Nordic Backdrop, sustainability has been at the center.
Our backdrops had to be of the highest quality and in sustainable materials.
Our search has borne fruit and today we offer two different materials: recycled polyester and polypropylene.

OEKO-TEX gives you the opportunity to care for the environment. 

OEKO-TEX 100 environmentally certified – a certification that sets stricter requirements for textiles with the Oeko-Tex 100 mark, as it includes health aspects in addition to legislation. Therefore, Nordic Backdrops can be used for all kinds of pictures, including children’s pictures.

The colors are water-resistant, UV-resistant and very strong.

We have chosen to print on such a strong material because a Nordic Backdrop must be able to be used again and again. Therefore, they can also be washed at 30°C and ironed or steamed.

A little trick is to hang the backdrop straight up so that it hardly creases after washing.

New: No-tear Paper

Our new product is designed for macro photography and is easy to wipe off if, for example, food is spilled during photography.

As it is made of paper, it can bend easily, so it requires careful handling, but you quickly learn the technique.

The product was chosen because it fits perfectly into our environmentally focused approach. We want it to last longer than regular paper, as it has a greater resistance to dirt and spillage damage.

Our eco-friendly polypropylene tear-resistant paper emits no harmful chemicals, is recyclable and has a minimal environmental footprint. When burned, it turns into 96% water, further emphasizing its sustainability.

The main purpose is to create backgrounds that can be used over and over again.

Both of our two products are carefully selected with the aim of being reusable. Our fabric backgrounds in particular have a very long life, not to say eternal, but close to it.

We want to be open to new ideas that fit into our universe.

We hope to be able to continue our development with strong products that harmonize with the environmentally friendly direction the world is moving towards.